Yesterday was a very emotional day.  After getting the initial phone call and a few text messages (and a cute picture of him in his BCGs) I suppose all contact was cut off.  He shipped downrange, and is in Bravo Company 192nd Infantry, 3rd BN. (I found this information out on my own, more on that later).  I received a VERY short call around 1130 that stated “I am at Fort Benning Georgia.  I am Safe.  I love you” click.  I was at the ready for an address with a sharpie and my arm.. and not getting it sort of sent me into an emotional roller coaster.

Later on in the night, I put on my nerd glasses and started researching 192nd Infantry and Bravo Company 2/47, and BINGO, landed on the company’s Facebook page, which included a soldier search option to see if your soldier was in their company.  I got the address!  On 2/47s Facebook page there was the go-ahead to write your soldier without waiting for the welcome letter from the commander, so I spend a good hour writing out meticulous envelopes (had to scrap a few after forgetting certain information or messing up).  I ordered a few quick prints from the local CVS and was a ball of excitement, nerves, and worry all night.

This morning I mailed off 7 letters, including 15 photos and a book of stamps.  It was the best feeling walking into the PO with a stack of letters addressed to my PFC!  I’m secretly hoping he will have the most, and fastest, mail in the platoon.  He is one loved man and I never want him to forget that!

Not sure whether I will receive another call before they graduate Red Phase.  I did get his letter he sent me yesterday   He said they are guaranteed 4 phone calls- one to say they started basic and one at the end of each phase.  He stressed there was no guaranteed time limit-hence the 5 second initial call.  His letter was so sweet!  He is so excited and proud to be serving our country in the ARMY, he basically described wearing the uniform as one of the best feelings ever.  Reading that made me realize how happy he is to be following his dreams, and soothed me a bit.

On his company’s Facebook page, 152 photos were uploaded of the guys as soon as they got downrange!  Pics of them “hurrying up” and carrying their gear, the gear search and check to make sure they have everything, some shots practicing different directives, and even photos of their limited phone call.  I haven’t been able to find my husband in each category, but seeing him standing there super straight and proud was such a great joy!  I didn’t catch one photo of him looking around or goofing off.. 🙂


Dead center just to the right of the brick support (closest one to it with the glasses on)