Just woke up to Notorious BIG’s Big Papa.. which means my Hubby called me!  I flew out of bed, though I was dreaming or something at first.  I’m now officially awake almost 2 hours early and I couldn’t be happier.  Hopefully he won’t get smoked for calling, he wasn’t sure if they were allowed to use them.  He said he had an envelop ready to go to put it back in just in case.  It was quick-6 minutes but at least I got to hear his voice and he confirmed he was going downrange today at 0800.  I sent a text to his phone last night saying don’t be afraid to call at any hour, and I am glad I did!  One happy army spouse here!

Hoping they get some phone time before they ship and go through the “shark attack”.

He said there was a letter in the mail already for me, and another one on his person waiting to be sent if he could find an outbox. ❤

Other than that, I’ve been keeping the house clean, working on school-work and trying to keep sane.  The kids both got baths last night (followed by one smelly dog) and I spent some time with my parents.  Have been watching The Riches on Netflix, show is pretty damn good.

Today I start the marketing aspect of my new job, going out to local companies to try to advertise our restaurant.  Nervous!