I woke up to find a text message (sent at 5:15 am) stating that the cell phones were finally being taken away.  This pretty much broke my heart.. for a few hours at least.  It has been now 24 hours since I last spoke with him, and I’ve calmed down a lot.. I realize it is probably for the best in his case, Red phase will be a shock so at least he will start adjusting to the “lonesomeness” factor earlier.  I’ve been writing throughout the day and have a stack of mail for him accumulating.  I also ordered mailing labels to save him time when he gets to write.

To keep myself busy and kill time, I made a construction-paper “chain”, with each link having a specific date and how many days he has been gone listed on it.  Each day i’ll take the corresponding link off and write a nice memory or thing I love about him on it and place it in a little box.  When he gets to AIT, he should have almost 80 little love notes to read!

I am surviving pretty much on coffee, protein shakes and granola bars still.  I can’t work up an appetite (even after exercising .  I’m sure this won’t last long, my body likes it’s love handles too much, haha.

I also found the little magnetic photo sleeves on sale today at Joanne’s . I bought 2 packs (2 in each) and think i’ll return tomorrow to grab a few more.  My refrigerator is decked out in pictures of my handsome husband!


P.S. The cobweb in the picture was immediately taken care of.  Can’t believe I missed that!