I have been pretty lucky that I have been able to talk to Charlie every day, at least once, since I dropped him off in Tampa.  I know many people don’t get this opportunity and I should feel elated and super grateful, yet I still am feeling so useless and lonely.  I can hear in his voice that he is really starting to miss me, but at the same time from his banter with his fellow SITs I know he is having a good time.  He is such a strong and devoted man… I feel awful when I start crying on the phone and try to hold back as much as possible.  73 days will pass.. He said he found an outgoing mailbox and will be sending me a letter, so that is something to look forward to!

One good thing about being in the dumps is all the weight I’ve lost so far.  Almost 7 pounds in less than a week.  I’ve been TRYING to eat, and I have worked out three of the five days, so hopefully I’ll be lean and mean by the time graduation is.  I want to wear a pretty white dress and show off a waist!  I know he’ll be cut as hell so I want to make sure his JAW DROPS when I walk in 🙂

I feel bad that my patience with the animals and kids isn’t what it should be, but I am doing my best and they are well taken care of.  Every day is a struggle to accomplish things, but I do feel better working/hitting the gym/doing homework/housework.  It will get easier.

See you in the A.M…