I did a search online, for “my husband lost his job”

Most of what I found told me “God” would see us through.  That is all fine and dandy, but I know we will somehow work things out, eventually.

I broadened it to “I lost my job”

still not much.

So what do you do when you don’t have nest eggs, college educations, a house you own?  Our rent is mid-high for the area, and it is due by the 5th.  That is 18 days from today.  Our landlord is pretty strick, so telling her our situation MAY help.. or may not.

The reason Char lost his job is because he did everything right–he put in his two weeks before he shipped, made sure his boss was aware of the situation, sold his vehicle.  Now that the Army sent him home for two months, we’re in a bind.  One vehicle, one job, two kids…

Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t have handled things better.  I’ll get my student loan money after Christmas  which can help get us through the January month.  But the likeliness of me being able to come up with the money for rent, car, and house bills are pretty slim.  We don’t have expensive lifestyles, we just “make it”.

I’m just worried that our kids won’t have a Christmas, or we won’t have a home FOR Christmas.