Guess who came home last night?

Char’s cut on his ankle prevented him from shipping (they didn’t think it would heal before basic, and breaking in new boots could cause it to fester.  It really wasn’t a big cut!)

Anyways, I am glad to have my hubby back home for a bit longer.  Even if our financial situation is screwed to hell and back, and now his boot camp will be the 10 weeks straight though.

At lest he was “forced” to change MOS–went from 92F (fuel-man) to 88M (motorpool driver).  I think there are probably more opportunities for this three year stint doing that than the other.  Also, his AIT is only going to be 7 weeks vs. 11, and closer to home.

We will figure all this stuff out, for now I’m just glad to be back in my love’s arms.