Today I dropped Char off at the recruiter’s office 10 am sharp.  I know I was a mess, with tears streaming down my face the whole car ride.  Even his grouchy attitude at burger hell couldn’t keep me from knowing how much I’ll miss him the next few weeks.  I guess it should get easier.

I spent most of today alternating between power cleaning and moping around the house.  No one seemed to be able to understand what I’m going through, although I honestly didn’t reach out to many.  I will commend his father for being right there with me and 100% supportive.

At least I was able to receive a few texts and calls today.  I’ll be lucky to get one phone call tomorrow.  We have been together a bit over two years but it feels like twenty sometimes.  No matter how hard we go at it we always end up back in each other’s arms, and now I will be without my “security blanket” for a while.  I know I need to be strong.  At least for the kids.  Someone has to pay the bills while he is away, haa.

I know it will be alright, and this is just temporary.  Or at least, basic and AIT is.  If he gets deployed.. lets hope not.. it will be another challenge down the road.  But I will be stronger then and more able to face the music.

Just know how much I miss you, my babylove.

Char and Cande